Phosphate Ore


Phosphate mineral compound containing tetra-phosphorus oxide (PO4)-3 and the phosphate deposit that can be minded and exploited economically. Phosphate concentration is measured by the ratio of penta-phosphorus oxide (P2O5) or the proportion of phosphorus element.


Phosphorus is one of the most important chemical elements for the plant and animal. It is enters in all vital functions. The plant recieves phosphorus from the soil while you getting phosphorus from animals which feeds on the plants hence the importance of phosphate in human life.

It can browse some of the uses of phosphate as follows:

  • Fertilizer industry, it represents about 77% of the phosphate uses.
  • Thermal industry phosphorus and phosphoric acid.
  • Preparation of phosphate for food and pharmaceutical purposes>
  • Multiple phosphate industries such as laundry detergents and household and for pharmaceutical purposes.