About us

For our health and our children health.in order to keep our environment clean and our resources, or the next generations,for the future of Egypt after january revolution. Al ahram mining company always seeks to continuous hard work to stand side by side with every Egyptian through providing the nutritional needs for different plants and mutable means of prevention of pests by using natural ores that extracted from the nature.

We must note that we should use all products according to the special advices to the company which shows the using result according to the following:

  • Reduced the product price to every kind from agricultural kinds which are field, Vegetable, horticultural and medical crops comparing with chemical plantations.
  • Productivity increasing comparing with chemical plantations.
  • Solution of soil problems such as salinity, nematode and root souts.
  • Producing safety natural and healthy product, at the same time pesticide residences free & acceptable to export quality parameters.