Among this history the company intended to serve the Egyptian economy. To achive this taregt, the company continues the work all time to introduce the best production from our mines for the customers. The best raw materials such as feldspar, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, phosphate and others have been well selected, Selection of our raw materials make the name Al Ahram Company for mining becomes the guide example in this field.


The company has an integrated team of geologists and agriculture experts whose contributed to the processing some unique combination in the field of plants nutrition and under all conditions which has shown impressive results in various parts inside and outside egypt in terms of quality and quantity which meet the needs of the market and the exceptions of producers. The company relies to assess the needs of farms from natural ores according to the scientific method by using laboratory analyzes of the soil, water and plants through his integrated system which has been working for fifteen years in the field of safety agricultural production through clean agriculture programs which aimed to profitability , health and safety.